Biasini residential complex

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The Project: Biasini residential complex

The Biasini Residential Complex is located in the heart of Cluj Napoca, just 2 minutes away from the historical center. The project was designed to meet the market need of a modern mix between a residential building and commercial space, and designed to fit perfectly into Cluj’s rich architecture.

The building is located in the southern part of the center of Cluj Napoca, on 20th Avram Iancu street (the intersection with University Street), and consists of 22 built-in apartments and 600 sqm of commercial spaces. Prices per square meter for apartments start at 1.300 euros.

At the moment, the residential complex is sold out.

Exquisite design and exceptional exterior spaces

Its unique design offers the residents a combination of a premium residential and business area alike, being perfectly complemented by the city’s rich architecture. The inner courtyard is a true oasis of tranquility for locals and visitors. The ground floor of the building is occupied by commercial spaces that provide services to both residents and the public.

The Biasini Residential Complex has a total of 22 underground parking spaces destined for the 22 apartments. In addition, there is an outdoor parking area with parking spaces for visitors.

Biasini residential complex – the perfect modern mix

The apartments are developed on an area of 860 square meters and four levels. Two of them correspond to the 1st and 2nd floors of the main building, and the upper levels are separated from each other & have different heights and entrances.

There are many different types of apartments, and these can range from two rooms to duplexes with internal stairs. They benefit from different orientation and vertical advantages: they either open to the inner market or to the green terraces above the first floor, located behind the building. Third-floor apartments benefit from extensive terraces along the entire courtyard facade, as well as a green space. The inner courtyard resembles the ones the old inns used to have: it has a pedestrian square, a greenhouse and green terraces.

The value of the Biasini Residential Complex lies in its purpose – it is the modern mix between the residential and commercial aspect. Biasini also had one of the most interesting inaugurations – investors, design and execution teams, along with the owners of the new homes and their neighbors, celebrated together at the new home party in the outer yard.

Among the projects developed we can also name the Gala Water Side and Biasini residential complexes. The quality of our construction is ensured by our expertise and experience of over 10 years in the development of residential buildings in Cluj Napoca – even many more years in the international environment (Belgium and France).


  • Central location
  • Underground parking
  • Modern building
  • Shopping places nearby
  • Green spaces
  • Overground parking
  • Central heating
  • Exquisite design