Biasini office spaces

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The Project: Biasini office spaces


The Biasini building is a real estate property located in the heart of Cluj Napoca. The historical city center is  just 2 minutes away in walking distance. Its unique design offers residents and visitors a combination of a premium residential and business area alike. At the same time, the modern design style is perfectly complemented by the city’s rich and classic architecture.

The central location or access to residents are just two of the main reasons that make Biasini the perfect choice for any type of business.

Office spaces

Currently, we have a commercial office spaces for sale with a total area of 282.42 square meters. It can be purchase at 1.850 euro/sqm + VAT, and the parking space is 10.000 euro + VAT.

Alternatively, the 103.91 sqm space can be rented at 11.5 euro/sqm + VAT

  • The A-wing has a usable area of 282.42 square meters
  • The B-wing has a useful area of 103.91 square meters

You can also rent the 103.91 square meters space at 12 euro / sqm + VAT and the parking lots are available at 75 euro + VAT / month.

The value of the Biasini Residential Complex lies in its purpose – it is the modern mix between the residential and commercial aspect. The entire lower level of the building is occupied by commercial and office spaces that provide services to both residents and the public.


  • Dedicated parking
  • Central location
  • Green spaces
  • Modern building